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Activism—engaging in action or involvement as a means of achieving political, social, or economic goals—has remained an important facet of the Simmons experience throughout the College’s history. From the establishment of the Student Guild by the first class to attend Simmons, to campus involvement in the anti-war and civil rights movements of the 1960s, to advocating for equality and fairness for all members of the community, Simmons students have driven change in important ways. You can find out more about activism at Simmons University by visiting our Activism @ Simmons digital exhibit:

10/15/21, 2:52 PM

This photoset represents the history of sports and athletics at Simmons, including basketball, tennis, archery, fencing, field hockey, and crew.

10/1/21, 5:00 PM

This photoset represents the history of everyday life on the Residence Campus. It includes students in their dormitory rooms, preparing meals, and participating in events and activities hosted by individual dormitories.

10/8/21, 3:11 PM

This photoset represents the experiences of students at Simmons outside campus life, including photographs related to travel, volunteer work, community outreach, internships, and student experiences living in Boston.

11/5/21, 4:41 PM

Since the founding of Simmons University, traditions have played a large role in the Simmons student experience. During the early years, Simmons traditions included events such as the Faculty-Student Baseball Game, the Freshman Frolic, Founder's Day, the Ghost Walk, the Freshman-Junior Wedding, May Day, and the Olde English Dinner. These traditions acted as a way for the small student body to come together as a community, building camaraderie within each class and providing opportunities for social engagement throughout the academic year. Please note that during many of these traditions, students dressed up in costumes, sometimes depicting cultural dress or reference that might be considered offensive. To accurately depict the history of traditions at Simmons, photographs containing offensive content are included within these photosets. To learn more about popular traditions at Simmons, please visit the Traditions @ Simmons digital exhibit:

11/5/21, 3:39 PM

This photoset represents the history of and students affiliated with student organizations at Simmons. This collection is divided into six photosets, including Academic Clubs, Arts Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Social & Cultural Clubs, Student Government Association & Event Planning Committees, and Student Publications.

11/5/21, 4:42 PM

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